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Meditation Classes in Cornwall

Make Time for Meditation

Take Time for You

Many people describe themselves as “having a stressful life” or that they “feel stressed”. Symptoms of stress include anxiety, poor sleep, unfocused behaviour, poor health and heightened emotions.

Practicing Vedic Meditation regularly has numerous benefits. Sleep becomes sounder, anxiousness quietens, efficiency and focus becomes more abundant, better health and more responsive behaviour than reactive patterns.

This easy and effortless meditation technique is accessible to all and has transformational qualities when practiced daily.

Shazz Andrew, teacher of Vedic Meditation and Director of CMC has been meditating for over a decade and in this time she has visited India on numerous occasions to further her studies around Vedic Knowledge and its traditions.

CMC has meeting points all over Cornwall for Vedic meditators and potential students interested in learning this time tested technique.

Meet your teacher

Shazz Andrew - Teacher of Vedic Meditation

“Vedic Meditation found me at a time in my life when I was playing a game of hide and seek, unbeknownst to me I was playing this game with myself. I could not hide as fear rooted me to the spot and I could not seek as I didn’t know how to begin the search. This continual feeling of displacement and not knowing was unsustainable. Soon after I began to meditate I realised this inner happiness, this warmth, this smile was always there.”

Vedic Meditation is the first step in your story to happiness.

If this meditation sounds interesting to you, I look forward to meeting you at an introductory talk in the near future.

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