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Friday, March 30th, 2018

Do you know what you are actually looking for?

"It's written, 'seek and ye shall find'. But first, 'imagine what you seek'. Otherwise, you will end up searching everything everywhere forever."
- Toba Beta, My Anscestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

In a world of mixed up messages, where you ought, could and should be doing everything  for everyone else whilst making out you are independent, strong and happy is unsustainable.

What people do so they can be socially accepted and ‘worthy’ as a human is too much, just to wake up and start the same exhausting process again….. when will you truly learn to do something for you?

I had a chat with a dear friend recently, mum of wonderful children, works, volunteers, keeps fit, socially seen out and about … and at the end of the day, there is something missing.

That something missing, can not be seen.

It isn’t selfish for you to be happy.
It isn’t unacceptable if you say no.
It isn’t appropriate to carry on day in, day out without looking after yourself.

You are primary. Look after yourself as well as others. The people in your life will benefit more from your example.

If you distract yourself with seeking happiness from others, that ‘missing’ feeling won’t go away.

Learn to Meditate and you will find much more than you ever originally looked for.

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