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Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

Resolution or Re-set

"The only way to change the status quo, is to challenge the status quo. And if we always do, what we've always done. We're always going to get, what we've always got. That's how change works. It is a slow process. "
- Adam Pearson

With it being a new year and a new decade, to ‘fix’ all the elements of what you don’t like is a common ideal. The fire in your belly carries you for a while and life takes over again and the sense of disappointment and failure develops as the well intentioned ideas are pushed aside.

In my experience I have to have a few goes before the new becomes normal and it has taken me a while to shift my thinking and learn how to press my re-set button.

What I mean is, don’t give up, be gentle with yourself if your intention has faded, press re-set and start again. Press re-set as many times as you wish, if you really want change it will happen, you just have to keep working at it.

Baby steps are steps.

All the hours of procrastinating can stop – press re-set go again.

Be realistic with your goals, set small goals in reasonable time limits. Find support so you have reasons not to back out.

Change is inevitable and learning to re-set and start again is a much healthier approach for your physical and mental wellbeing than believing you can’t change or you failed again.

You got this.

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