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Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

First step to understanding change

"Responsibility can never be given. It can only be taken."
- Marharishi Mahesh Yogi

Inspired to write this after watching an episode of ‘Ways to Change the World’. I watched a person blinkered with intention and drive to become successful in his vocation.

In his younger years, he didn’t see or feel the impact his community was experiencing through socio-political upheaval.

Years later when he came back home to work on a project, he was given the gift of meeting the people of his community and learning how they made things work with limited means.

This experience changed in his life – he decided to become an activist for change, he knew his voice would be listened to and with this he is taking responsibility to help others.

This reminded me of my teachings – the world is ever changing, every day, every minute, every second – change is nature’s way.

So what to I mean by change in this journal entry?

Learn to take responsibility.

That is your job.

Take responsibility of your words, your actions, your attitude. By taking responsibility – you encourage, champion and inspire others to stand up for what they believe to be their truth and together the world reshapes for the generations to come.

Help yourself by taking responsibility, then help others to teach that responsibility isn’t as scary as those in ‘power’ would like you to think.

Learning to meditate alleviates fatigue from your system. An awakened system has the energy to enable change. Doesn’t matter how small the change may seem, it all counts.

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