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Thursday, December 28th, 2017

New Year Presence

"The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change."
- Maya Angelou

The New Year – a time of new beginnings, fresh ideas and the desire to change everything you don’t like about yourself by March at the latest….. then when things lose momentum, you ‘give up’ on your goals a few weeks later leaving a sense of another failed attempt.

In a society where pressure is encouraged over compassion and gentleness, I am trusting if you are reading this journal entry whatever changes you would like to make in the New Year have kindness in your heart and respect for your wellbeing.

Try not to compartmentalize your long term personal goals as ‘success’ and ‘failure’. By doing this you can habitually set yourself up for a disheartening adventure.

Continual and achievable monitoring of your desire allows you to experience the ever changing newness of the situation and gives you a deeper understanding of the process. That understanding allows greater scope for the change to happen and a genuine sense of fulfilment is reached.

There are a series of courses throughout January at the Cornwall Meditation Centre which can support all levels of change.

Benefits of meditation are alleviating stress and anxiety from your system, better sleep, more efficiency and clarity in your life and the ability to respond to a situation rather than an inappropriate reaction.

Sign up to one of the January talks and see how the practice of Vedic Meditation will support you in your desire change.

No more procrastination, make time for meditation, take time for you.

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