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Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

When things get too big…

"Suffering usually relates to wanting things to be different from the way they are."
- Allan Lokos

Feeling overwhelmed by a situation is something most people can relate to. How do I start this new project? How do I ask for a pay rise? How do I end this relationship? Big decisions…. so why do we make them ‘big’? Where is the rule book stating what counts for a big decision? A person suffering with depression – pulling the duvet back to suggest that getting out of bed is an option could be huge, let alone the actual action of getting out of the bed. Culturally we assign the title of ‘big’ to certain situations of decision making, if it goes well, there can be a sense of great joy and if it gets a bit sticky, a sense of failure. So how can we take the magnitude from a situation and let decisions be just ‘decisions’.

The sensation of being overwhelmed or stressed is rooted in fear. The uncertainty of not knowing the outcome, the possibility of making the wrong decision. So what do we do…. we maintain the illusion of trying to control, uncontrollable situations. This is exhausting, inefficient and unprogressive behaviour.

To meditate means there is a technique in your life that allows a twice daily opportunity to rest your nervous system.

A rested system allows better decision making. Takes the drama away – allows you to move forward with greater ease.

Letting go of the 100 ‘what if’s’ that your ego throws up to maintain the illusion of you being in control. A mechanism of fear based excuses that puts the brakes on your awesomeness.

Once you start to take the brakes off and start exploring you and what your awesome self can actually do…. those decisions….they don’t seem so big after all.

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